I have been away from this site for awhile, and have missed on getting back with most of you who have requested loops over the past year. I sincerely apologize. I want to let you know, however, that I am currently working on transporting my entire loop library over to LoopCommunity.com . This will take some time, as my goal is to have around 40 songs in total up on their site. Be on the lookout over the next week for my version of “Scandal of Grace” by United off their Zion album. I have a ton of Crowder, United, Redman, and even some dub step remixes of some popular worship songs as well. Have a great day!


These last few months have been long, and the job hunt in Illinois has come to an almost complete standstill. It is odd to me that one can feel entirely lead in one direction, but any doors that appear to be there can close. Maybe God has something bigger than me…not maybe, just maybe I am just now starting to notice…

Two weeks in the Dominican is something else. Gourmet food, private beach, spa, and nice king sized beds with no alarm in the morning. I am so glad to say that I truly married my best friend, Megan, that I’ve known for almost 4 years now. We had an amazing time and I look forward to facing all of life’s blessings, challenges, and joys with her through the rest of my days here on this earth. I pray that God will lead and give me discernment when looking for ministry opportunities, and that I will continue to strive, and strive even harder, after God’s own heart now that I have found my partner in this world. Thanks for stopping by the site, and feel free to look around all you want!

So there was a time, oh about a week ago, when I saw snow in the forecast. Remembering my childhood experience with the uncommon heavy snowfall in Oklahoma, I told my fellow landscapers that I really wanted it to snow at least 20 inches if it was going to snow. What I didn’t think about was the aftermath of receiving that very amount of snow….the four straight, 11 hour days on a snow shovel for driveway clearing after said snow. I have never been so beat up after a work day than that…all four days in a row. And now, as we have finally cleared all the snow, there is another 3-6″ in the works for next week. Yes! I still love snow (and the new puppy does too).

So here it is finally! After Thanksgiving I’m officially taking a break from landscaping to focus fully on what I’m going to do for a career. Starting a band, worship pastorate, or sound installer are my options up to this point…definitely ready for God to show me what He has planned out for my calling in the ministry!

OU did everything they could to lose a big time game to Mizzou. This has been a pretty big deal for the past couple of years, and the Sooners have always trounced their way out of it with big time wins, not only in the schedule sense, but the point spread as well. This year, they decided to shoot themselves in the foot from the very start, and were never able to overcome the possession differential. My favorite moment was toward then end when we scored a quick touchdown on the long kickoff return by Mossiss Madu. We were down 15, which means one regular touchdown and point after, and another touchdown with a two-point conversion. So what did the coaching staff do? They decided to go for when still down 9. Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE football decision. The name of the game is always leaving yourself within 1 possession if possible, and upon failing to convert the 2-pointer, we effectively put ourselves out of contention with 6 minutes left to go and only 1 timeout. What a nightmare, from the on-the-field blunders to the football-unsavvy choices by the coaches.

So evidently yesterday was much hotter than expected, and me running out of water in my 2 gallon jug at 3pm did not bode well for my well-being the day after. Put all this together and you get me, here at home, feeling terrible AND not making any money…haha.