Nightmare in Columbia

OU did everything they could to lose a big time game to Mizzou. This has been a pretty big deal for the past couple of years, and the Sooners have always trounced their way out of it with big time wins, not only in the schedule sense, but the point spread as well. This year, they decided to shoot themselves in the foot from the very start, and were never able to overcome the possession differential. My favorite moment was toward then end when we scored a quick touchdown on the long kickoff return by Mossiss Madu. We were down 15, which means one regular touchdown and point after, and another touchdown with a two-point conversion. So what did the coaching staff do? They decided to go for when still down 9. Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE football decision. The name of the game is always leaving yourself within 1 possession if possible, and upon failing to convert the 2-pointer, we effectively put ourselves out of contention with 6 minutes left to go and only 1 timeout. What a nightmare, from the on-the-field blunders to the football-unsavvy choices by the coaches.


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